FARM TO FORK with Doc Crombie’s BBQ

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 Tuesday night I had the fortunate opportunity to share a special cooking class at Coastal Cupboard with my friend Dr. Kevin Hogan.  Kevin is a local dentist who is one of the most passionate BBQ enthusiasts that I know…he loves BBQ so much that he has created his own line of sauces…Doc Crombies Bootleg BBQ Sauce…they are not only unique and high quality, they are FANTASTIC.  He has bottled 3 different sauces each with their own unique profile.  His ORIGINAL  is a tomato based sauce that is on the sweet side with a very rich depth of flavor, he also has a DOUBLE HOT which is the same as the original, just double the heat…and it is SPICY!  His third sauce is a perfect MUSTARD BBQ sauce.  They are available at Coastal Cupboard, Patina Blue and Caviar&Bananas. 


 At the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market I found some incredible Lima Beans that I decided to make into a slightly chunky soup that was full of Leeks and Onions as well.  I then floated a Mustard BBQ Rilette Crouton on top.  The Rilette was simply made from a leftover ham bone that I had, which I used for the stock then whipped the ham with some Doc Crombie’s Mustard BBQ sauce.  It was fantastic served warm.






Next up was BBQ Salmon with Bacon Braised Spinach and Spicy BBQ Butter.  I simply brushed the salmon with Doc Crombie’s Original BBQ sauce…then made the Butter out of his Double Hot BBQ sauce, which rounded out the flavor and tamed it down to a manageable spice.  Kevin smoked a Pork Shoulder and I am not exaggerating when I say  it was the best smoked meat I have ever had…it was incredible…smoked for 12 hours and PERFECT!  we served it with the Original sauce.  I accompanied the pork with Granny’s Fried Corn, a dish that is from Dr. Hogan’s family.  We also served a simple yet flavorful Heirloom Tomato Cobbler, showcasing another Farmers Market special with fresh basil and sweet onions.






 The evening ended with yet another local find…Blueberries…We enjoyed a Blueberry Hand Pie with Lemon Cream…the blueberries were so sweet and plump they created the best filling and topped with the lemony cream was just the right touch.  Please join me in one of my classes…Good Food, Good Wine and Good Times!

All photography shot by Rick McKee of Charleston Photographer…if you need photography or videography he is your man…incredible artistic ability and the nicest guy you have ever met…please support him if you can.

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  1. Everything sounds awesome Chef. Glad to see you are writing, it’s a nice outlet. I’ve read everything so far, and will continue to do so.

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