Tuesday night we taught yet another sold out class at The Coastal Cupboard in Mt. Pleasant.

Behind the Butchers Counter was the theme of the class, so I incorporated a few buying tips as well as cooking techniques that I find helpful.  First off we butchered a chicken into what is called 8way…which simply is cut into 8 pieces with the back bone off.  This is the traditional way to cut up chicken when feeding a family…2 breast, 2 thighs, 2 legs and 2 wings…the trick that I do is to cut the wing off the breast leaving a good 3 oz. of meat from the breast still intact, this makes the wing portion much more substantial and reduces the gargantuan Breast piece to a manageable and more even piece. 

After the Chicken Butchering demo we prepared RED CURRY CHICKEN BOG with Toasted Cashews.  This dish is a simple one pot dish playing off the populare red curry that you find in Thai restaurants, yet prepared in true low country fashion as a Bog!   The dish was redolent of ginger, coconut milk and Cilantro.  YUMMY!

The next dish was a BRAISED SHORT RIBS OF BEEF with Whole Grain Mustard Grits.  This is a classic Braise technique using red wine and tomato paste, mirepoix vegetables and beef stock…Braised for about 3 hours it is deliciously tender, rich and great for a Hurricane Party…and the Mustard Grits certainly couldn’t have been easier…just fold in Whole Grain Dijon Mustard into Creamy Grits….PERFECT!

In keeping with the Butchers theme, we then presented Delicious                                                                                                                 RED WINE AND SHALLOT MARINATED FLANK STEAK with Horseradish Whipped Potatoes.                                                              

Flank Steak has become very popular in the past 10 years and what was once an economical cut of meat is now as expensive as some of the premier cuts.  None the less it is fantastic and satisfyingly rich in beefy texture and flavor.  A  few simple steps are necessary to achieve Fabulous results…First I think that marination is vital to rounding out the flavor and adding a dimension beyond Beefy…I like to use an acid based marinade, making sure that it doesn’t marinate for longer than 8 -12 hours, any longer and the acid starts to “cook” the meat making it tough and chewy.  The second tip is after allowing the meat to rest, make certain to cut the Flank on a bias against the grain in thin strips…this will ensure a tender bitek that is delicious.

Please join us next time at the COASTAL CUPBOARD!


All photography shot by Rick McKee of Charleston Photographer…if you need photography or videography he is your man…incredible artistic ability and the nicest guy you have ever met…please support him if you can.


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